Duplex Ultrasound

At Vein Remedies the vast majority Ultrasound examinations we’ll be done "in-house" by Doctor Stirling himself. He has found that in planning treatment or assessing outcomes, there is nothing quite like seeing for yourself to accurately inform treatment choices.

Commonly used in obstetrics, duplex ultrasound uses sound waves to detect how blood flows through the blood vessels and to reveal any blockages, flow rates and anatomical mapping. Duplex ultrasound combines traditional ultrasound with Doppler ultrasound.


During the procedure you may be sitting, standing or lying. A gel is applied to help transmit the sound waves and a handheld device called a transducer is gently moved over the area to be examined. As the transducer moves, the signals are transmitted to the computer that changes the echoes into images. During the test, you may hear a "swishing" sound, which is the sound of the blood moving through the body. As a general rule and within time constraints, Dr Stirling will explain what is going on in as much detail as you like.

Ultrasound has undergone incredible advancement over the last decade and when used to examine vascular conditions will help diagnose most conditions in a completely safe and non-invasive way.