Vein Remedies

Vein Remedies is a clinic based in Launceston. It was set up in May 2004 to deal with venous problems of the legs and skin. Dr Stirling has had years of experience working in this field and and sees many patients who travel from all part of Tasmania. The clinic is usually open each Tuesday to Thursday however on other days there is always phone monitoring and we get back to on a same day basis.

Dr Stirling has had experience with multiple Laser Systems, (V Beam, YAG, Copper Bromide and Lightsheer) as well as Medical and cosmetic use of Botulinum Toxin. The vein remedies clinic however is dedicated to treating venous or lymphatic problems. This could include large varicosities or fine but unsightly thread vessels. Also managed and treated are the associated problems of leg swelling (oedema and lymphoedema) as well as leg ulcers, which are often caused by poor circulation secondary to varicose veins.